Anything is Possible

Changing Lives

It's ALL about the products, and our customers' results on the products.

Here as Herbalife Independent Distributors we are 100% committed and determined in our mission of helping people. All our distributors are committed to both:

1. Helping their customers achieve wellness, health, vitality and weight management.
2. Helping distributors in their team achieve financial success and reward by teaching, guiding and mentoring them.

Herbalife's mission is to change people's lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best nutrition and weight-management products in the world.

Whether you are looking to get started just to regain your own health or manage your weight, or if you are looking for an opportunity that you can start part time, work around your current job and schedule, helping people regain their health and helping people start on a new road to financial independence, we want to help.

If you're ready to get started with Herbalife, or just want to find out more Contact Brett and Kelly Yeatman.

Earn more Money!
Disclaimer: Your income will depend on your own talent, work and ability.
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About Us

Brett and Kelly Yeatman both left the corporate world to join with Herbalife as Independent Distributors because it offered greater financial possibilities, coupled with the freedom to be their own boss, spend time with the family, and enjoy a quality of life.

Over the last 20+ years in this business, they have successfully The Presidents Team Pin Badgehelped thousands of people around the world to get their own business started in Herbalife, and work continuously to help customers achieve the health & weight results they are looking for on the products – coupled with assisting people to start up and build their own business. They have now achieved the exclusive position of Presidents Team.

Why Herbalife?

  • Excellent Financial Performance - It is a publicly traded company with retail sales of +US$5 billion per annum.
  • Best Products in the Industry – In demand, results driven.
  • Top Compensation - Herbalife boasts a industry-leading compensation plan, paying out up to 73% of product revenues to Herbalife Independent Distributors.
  • Proven* Formula – many people have achieved personal goals and continue to grow their business.
  • Powerful Training - Steps by step training programmes and modern business tools to assist you in starting and developing your own business.

Why Now?

  • Uncertain future – working a business as an Independent Herbalife Distributor offers the possibility of a safety net in these difficult economic times.
  • Right time - with concerns about increasingly overweight societies making constant headlines on a global scale, this is the perfect time to join Herbalife, a leader in the Health & Wellness industry.
  • Earn extra income – as an Independent Herbalife Distributor you can supplement your income, by working part-time or you can make it your main revenue by working full time. You decide!
Brett & Kelly Yeatman and family
Get Started Now!
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Understanding our Offering (Part 1)

In this section, Brett Yeatman discusses some of the key elements that make an impact on people when looking at ways to earn extra money.

Part Time or Full Time

You could get started today to a new financial future in a business you will love, doing things that make a difference to people, and regaining freedom to live life the way you want!

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  • Work from home, decide on hours to suit you.
  • Earn extra money, lucrative compensation plan.
  • Market reputable, proven products used by millions of customers every single day.
  • Build a team and earn additional income.
  • Join over 2.1 million Independent Distributors worldwide.
  • Receive tried and tested training and support.

Disclaimer: Your income will depend on your own talent, work and ability.
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Understanding our Offering (Part 2)

You enjoy the benefits of:

Generous Compensation Plan
Herbalife's compensation plan is one of the most generous in the direct selling industry. It pays up to 73% of retail dollars to its Independent Distributors in the form of retail and wholesale profits, royalties and bonuses.

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Established Formula
The Herbalife Sales & Marketing Plan has been making dreams come true for over +32 years, and continues to change lives in +82 countries around the world. Brett & Kelly Yeatman

Impressive Training
As an Herbalife Independent Distributor, you'll receive outstanding training, the support of a vast community of fellow Distributors, and constant support and assistance from an award-winning customer service team.

Products Based on Science
The cornerstone of Herbalife's international reputation is a line of quality health products. As an Independent Distributor, you'll be retailing nutrition, weight-management, and personal care products, including ones developed by world-renowned scientists. People love our products because they work.

Make a Difference Making a difference to other people's lives is probably the most rewarding aspect of becoming an Herbalife Distributor. You will be improving the well-being of your friends, your community, and people all around the world. You can be part of the network of Herbalife Distributors who literally change lives.

There is no end to what you can achieve with Herbalife.

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Meet some of the Team

Brett and Kelly have thousands of distributors in their team in several countries across the globe. Here are some of the team that you will get to meet and speak to as you work in the team:


Shakil & Amina Tambay
Amina had incredible results on the products, and started the business. Within just a few months she was able to match her husband's full time corporate salary.


Emmie & Juliet Kasenge
Emmie runs a successful medical practice, and Juliet left being a school teacher to earn a substantial income for their family with Herbalife.


Shaun Prozesky
Cape Town
Shaun started the business part time, and soon was able to leave his other career and now has a large team that he works with in Cape Town.


Annie Mouton
Annie reviewed the video, and decided this is the career she was looking for. Annie now runs all our meetings and trainings in Namibia.

Join our Team


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Getting Started

You do not need to be a nutrition expert to become a Herbalife Independent Distributor as you receive all the guidance you need. When you sign up, you will benefit from detailed instruction from your personal Herbalife coach who will be on hand to answer your questions and help you complete your training.

Low start-up costs and no obligations with minimum production or purchases as a distributor, just the right to purchase products for a 25% to 50% discount. No experience is necessary. All that's required is a love for the products and a willingness to work at success. In short, Herbalife offers you the chance to take charge of your financial destiny!

Money Bank Guarantee

To get started in the business all you need to do is order our International Business Package (IBP).

The package includes:

  • International Business License to operate International Business Package (IBP) in+80 countries.
  • Herbalife Wellness Products to the retail value of +ZAR900.
  • 4x Manuals & 2x DVDs.
  • Full start to finish mentor support.
  • Promotional & Marketing Material.

Once your have ordered our IBP we will have it delivered directly to your door. (World-wide)

  • We will be your first line of support as you are now part of our team, and it is our job to help you become successful.
  • We will teach you everything there is to know about Herbalife.
  • Will help you get to trainings to learn about the business & products.
  • Show you all the Interactive websites which offer online training.
  • Help you put together a marketing campaign.
  • We will help you build a global business in 76 countries around the world.
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Contact Us

Brett & Kelly Yeatman
Can be contacted by:

Telephone:   +27 (0) 39 312 2208
Mobile:   +27 (0) 82 441 5433
Postal Address:   PO Box 177, Uvongo, 4270, KwaZulu-Natal

If you'd like to get started, or want some more information about either our products or business, please complete the form below (all fields are mandatory):

Brett & Kelly Yeatman Herbalife Independent Distributor